Snow Queen Dec 2010

Red Hat Snow Queen
Making the most of winter.

Our visit to Buckingham Palace Sept 2012

A day at Buckingham Palace 

Chichester Flower Festival
Chichester Cathedral Flower Festival

Menopause the Musical with the St Leonard's Ladies of Horsham

Delicious! Selsey Crab lunch followed by locally grown strawberries and cream.

Enjoying the Sun after the Crab Lunch in Selsey.
Enjoying the Sun after the Crab Lunch in Selsey - 5 June 2013.

IOW WEEKEND 14th -  17th March 2014 and the EUROPEAN HOOT in BRUSSELS AS REPORTED 

A Red and Purple Gathering on the Isle of Wight, 

It’s always exciting to learn about the Hativities taking place. This story was submitted by Pat, an RHS Ambassador and Queen of the Fen Fatales (Lincolnshire, United Kingdom), who spent the weekend on the Isle Wight with the 160 women. Here’s what she had to say:

Upon arrival we were greeted by the Vectis Belles and given gifts and an itinerary of events for the weekend. There was a Glitz and Glamour event on Friday, a tour of the Island and Masquerade Ball on Saturday, and a tour of the other side of the Island and a Bling, Bling and more Bling party on Sunday. The whole event was organised and catered for brilliantly! A great time was had by all.

The Isle of Wight was brought to a standstill with our splash of Red and Purple, so many questions, so many cards handed out, we certainly made an impact. What a fantastic weekend!

An International Hoot in Brussels June 13th -15th 2014

More than 170 Hatters from Belgium, Germany, France, Great Britain, Sweden, the Netherlands, the US and Australia took over Brussels this month, and Empress Becky from the Red Hat Power Ladies of Germany wrote Hatquarters to share all of the fun details.

We all loved sight-seeing in this wonderful city. At the top of the list was, of course, the magnificent 17th-century Grand Place with its stunning City Hall. Also, most Hatters made sure to visit Mannequin Pis, the naked little-boy fountain figure that is Brussels’ mascot, and some also visited his delightful little female counterpart Jean eke Pis. Other fun goals were the Comic Museum, a canal boat ride, an open-top hop-on-hop-off bus or the former World Fair site with its giant iron molecule structure the “Atomium.”

The culinary delights ranged from the world-renown Belgian chocolates, through Belgian fries, and on to the famous mussels, whether at food stands, street cafés, or in myriad excellent restaurants.

Of course, what makes a European Hoot of this kind possible is that no fees are collected beforehand. What a relief for us organizers not to have to deal in euros, British pounds, Swedish kronor, US and Australian dollars! Instead, everyone paid for their own fun and food on the spot.

On Saturday afternoon, Barones Bie of the Antwerp RHS organised a beautiful meal at a restaurant right on the Grand Place that could seat all of us on two floors. We gathered at the Grand Place with our various flags and banners, posing gleefully for pictures before making our way to our assigned group tables.

Once there, every Chapter decorated their own tables with flags and national icons. For example, the French group had the Eiffel Tower, the Germans a VW bus, the Belgians bouquets of purple and red flowers, the Swedish lots of blue-and-yellow flags, a Dutch group had wooden tulips, and an English group brought a life-size cardboard Queen Elizabeth II.

My welcoming speech was kept short, since two Hatters translated every sentence into German and Dutch (the Swedes said they could all understand English). It took longer, but that's part of the richness of European culture!

Afterwards came our Gift Exchange. To mix the groups up a bit, Hatters put a gift they had brought (labeled with their name) into large bags, then later pulled a gift out and went to thank the giver and get to know her.

For the entertainment, various Chapters volunteered to do little presentations on the two floors. This included a poem (written by Lady Scarlett of Antwerp for this Hoot), singing, and dancing (including a line dance, taught us by Michele, a Red Hatter from Florida): all very creative, chaotic, and fun!

All in all, it was a wonderful experience of how the Red Hat Society brings women of different backgrounds together in a spirit of cooperation, appreciation, and fun!