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     We are Ladies with Hattitude!!!

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We are an official chapter of the Red Hat Society, membership no 84378. 

Based in West Sussex most of our members come from the beautiful coastal towns and

countryside around the City of Chichester. 

Fun, Friendship and Frivolity

We are a friendly group of young at heart ladies, who want to have fun and enjoy life, to make new friends like getting together for dinner, outings, theatre, sightseeing, entertainment, concerts, holidays and much much more. Most of our outings are group led so ideas and suggestions from members are always welcome.
We meet once or twice a month for a regular Hat 'n Chat in Chichester, were we welcome visitors or prospective new members to come along without obligation, to look us over to see if you like us and to find out more about the things we do and the places we go. 
If you see us out and about do come over to say 'Hello' we are friendly and fun.

You need to know

There is only one rule for members of the Red Hat Society, that is when we meet and go out together as a group, we wear a Red Hat or Fascinator with a Purple Top. Sometimes we add some feathers bling or sparkles as most of us like to dress up. 
We understand it can take a little time to make a wardrobe of red and purple so we can lend you a hat to start with, then you can choose a regal 'nom de chapeau' something personal and fun.

If you decide to join us find yourself a stunning Red Hat or Fascinator and wear Purple
During your Birthday month you can reverse the colours by wearing a Purple Hat 
with Red dress for an event or for the entire month, if you wish.
Ladies under 50 are more than welcome to join in our activities, they are known as Pink Hatters or Pinkies and wear and a Pink Hat with a Lilac dress until they reach their 
50th Birthday, which calls for a special Red Hat celebration!! 

The idea of ladies of a ‘certain age’ bonding together and making time for themselves to

indulge in some friendship, fun and frivolity – usually after many years of being carers of 

other’s needs – is very appealing.

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About the Red Hat Society  
It all began with the well known words from the poem

When I am an old woman I shall wear purple, with a red hat that doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me,

And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves,

And satin sandals and say we’ve no money for butter.

I shall sit down on the pavement when I am tired, 

And gobble up samples in shops, and press alarm bells,

And run my stick along the public railings, and make up for the sobriety of my youth,

I shall go out in my slippers in the rain,and pick flowers in other people’s gardens,

And learn to spit…………………

But maybe I ought to practice a little now? 

So people who know me are not too shocked and surprised,

When suddenly I am old and start to wear purple.

In 1998 Sue Ellen Cooper, an American lady framed a copy of the above poem and gave it to her friend, together with a red hat as a 50th birthday present. This friend copied the idea when her friend had a birthday etc. etc. Before long these friends found that they were a club of ladies who were practising how to grow old dis-gracefully.

Little did they realise the impact this would have ....

Now there are thousands of chapters throughout the world in countries as far flung as Australia, Sweden, Spain, China Russia and of course America and the UK

     Live - Laugh - Love - Life

The serious stuff please read

All members pay a small annual membership fee. This is should be paid within the first month of joining and renewed before the end of December each year. We are a non profit making organisation, the funds are held in a separate account and used towards expenses and events as agreed by all the members. 
All outings, theatre trips and events are taken at your own risk we are not responsible priced and must be paid for in advance by the individuals attending. Sometimes a non refundable deposit is required to secure places. We use group save tickets or discounts whenever possible. 
As a distinctive group of ladies we are often photographed by members of the public which we have no control over. Group photos may end up on this and other websites - you are free to not participate in a photo if you prefer.
If you would like more information about the Red Hat Society or for help finding a chapter in an area use the visit  http://britishredhatters2.weebly.com/find-a-chapter.html